Facebook fan page tutorial

Hi......If you run a business then having a facebook "page" that looks better/different, or has better functionality than others can help set you apart, and get that all important first click that could lead to new business for you. It enables you to make a large Advert in the form of an image (rather like a magazine ad) that every nonfan who comes to your page will see.


Firstly I'm NOT technical, so this tutorial is for people like me, with more enthusiasm than budget and a frustration that most tutorials seem to be missing one or two vital pieces of information (or suddenly assume that you know how to code in HTML or something). Secondly I know this page is very ugly but it's meant to be clear and easy to follow, so, I'd suggest highlighting it all, copying into a word doc and then printing it out, once you've made the text big enough to read...

Don't be fooled, customizing your facebook fan "page" is really easy..... but if you do what I did and googled "iframe creation" for about a week, and attempted at least 4 or 5 iframe tutorials, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's extremely difficult. If you (like me) have downloaded 45 page tutorials and still found that the tiny bit of info you need (like where do you host your assets - and what the hell does that mean anyway!) was missing (sometimes it seemed on purpose) then this very simple tutorial is for you.

So what do you get ?
Essentially if you follow this tutorial you'll get a Welcome tab on your business "Page"  where you can make sure every nonfan sees this first, when coming to your site. It's where you'll have a strong message about what your company is all about... and if you have videos on YouTube or Vimeo you can put them there as well. To see what it looks / feels like go to my page www.facebook.com/WeddingDocumentaryCompany  (notice I have a neat address too, no need for lots of numbers etc in the address ... thats also simple Click here for a short tutorial on that)
For a simple welcome page with no video:
All you need to do is to create a nice compelling image that is 510 pixels wide, and any size tall (there will be scrollbars automatically added as in mine above).

You can use photoshop/ paint / any photo-editing software you choose to create it. 

In the knowledge that I'm going to have videos below my image (take a look at the above link) I simply made a black box (510 pixels wide) with a small orange bit on top, asking (pleading) people to like my page. The black bit is my sales message. If you were to look at the separate elements that make up my "page" then the black box with orange ontop is one image.

Yours could be a photo of your product with the words "The world greatest cheesecakes - yummy delicious" or a photo of a happy client with a testimonial written on the picture or whatever. Just make sure that you're aware that this page is likely to be the first impression a facebooker gets of your company.... does it says what you actually do? is it simple clear and attractive? Does it tell them what to do next?

Once you've made the image....
Okay once you've made your image in your editing programme, save it as a jpeg, then you choose a picture hosting company to "host" it, I use photobucket because it's free and .. well that's it.

You have to sign up to photobucket but once you've done that, upload your image and make a note of where it is because you'll be coming back for it later.

This next bit seems complicated but it's not!
You need to add a Static HTML: iframe app to your page ... just go here
click on "Add Static html to a page", it will then ask you on which "page" you want to add the application to from a drop down menu (If you are logged in it will know what pages you administer and offer them as options).

Once you have clicked the "Add" buttton you can open a new tab on your browser, go to your page & you'll see a "Welcome" page has been added with a small star logo next to it. (you'll see this on the left hand side where you click to see your wall / insights etc)

Click on that new "Welcome" link and the new empty page will open....

Congrats You've done most of the work now!!

After a second or two you'll see a box come up with "Enter your content here" ... this is where you paste HTML (You can put an entire HTML website here if you want... but lets keep it simple).

Open another tab on your browser and go to photobucket where you've hosted your image, click on albums if it hasn't already taken you there, and click on the image that you want on your page... one of the options that pops up is called HTML code .... just click on that and it gets copied to your clipboard.

Now go back to your browser window for your facebook page and in the box that says "Enter your content here" right click and paste.

(I have the following code before the code for the image but am unsure if it's needed
This code is at the very end after the image code
feel free to copy and paste the above if you do it without and it looks weird)

That's almost it!

You can preview how your page will look by clicking the preview button at the top of the page.

Now, to make sure it's the first page everyone sees ......
Click on your "wall" tab just above the Welcome tab ... you'll see the "edit page" button come up on the right top side of the page, click on that .... the third dropdown box from the top asks you to set the default landing page ... choose "Welcome"

It's done! ...

If you go to your page when you're logged in you won't see what everyone else sees (you can edit the page) ... ask a friend to log in an see what they see or copy the URL for your page, logout, then paste it on the browser and you'll see what everyone else sees. ***NB If someone who is already a fan goes to your fanpage they'll go straight to the wall, but non fans are directed to the welcome***

T o add videos etc
Simple... just get the HTML embed code from YouTube/ Vimeo etc, make sure the width is smaller than (or exactly) 510 pixels then paste that code right after the code for the image (but before </body> see earlier).

Again to see what it should look like take a look at http://www.facebook.com/WeddingDocumentaryCompany and please feel free to like me !! 

If you want to change your URL to a simple one like www.facebook.com/WeddingDocumentaryCompany click here for our new tutorial