Facebook URL Tutorial


Hi......If you run a business then having a facebook "page" that looks better/different, or has better functionality than others can help set you apart, and get that all important first click that could lead to new business for you.

To see our tutorial on making a customized page click here

To follow our REALLY simple tutorial on how to get a sensible URL for your facebook page that's easy to remember read on ...

Firstly I'm NOT technical, so this tutorial is for people like me, with more enthusiasm than budget and a frustration that most tutorials seem to be missing one or two vital pieces of information (or suddenly assume that you know how to code in HTML or something). Secondly I know this page is very ugly but it's meant to be clear and easy to follow, so, I'd suggest highlighting it all, copying into a word doc and then printing it out, once you've made the text big enough to read...

It's VERY easy to change your facebook page URL from something that contains lots of numbers and ? and random letters.. the URL for the facebook page for this site is www.facebook.com/WeddingDocumentaryCompany simple huh?

Step 1 - Log into your facebook account

Step 2 Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of "Home" on the top right of the page and open the account settings option.

Step 3 The second option from the top is username .. click that

Step 4 You only get one chance to change this to what you want! If someone else has already taken it, it'll tell you, which is possibly tricky with personal accounts but your business one is likely to be free.

Step 5 Once you've chosen your URL, enter your facebook password to finish and voila!

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