Sample Wedding Videos


Our NEW "Fly on the Wall" package
Allan & Alice 

A testimonial for our new "Fly on the Wall" package for couples who don't like the idea of cameras at their wedding, or are just plain camera shy. We keep a very low profile, don't interact with guests at all, and generally melt into the background

Our unique Documentary style wedding videos
Zoe & James Intro

The wedding video of the fabulous Zoe & James. Full of character and a great day to capture for the next generation......
Zoe & James 1st Dance

A Christmas wedding with a big ending ... excellent fun!
Credit Roll- After the first dance ends

Ok.. We stole this from Shrek.... 

A sample of a credit roll designed for A fun, B a memory jogger in 15 years time when you try to remember what you called your tables and who came to your wedding!
Tony & Louise

Filmed at the beautiful Amberley Castle, Tony and Louise had come back from Dubai in order to tie the knot.

A lovely wedding video!
Nick & Marina

An Anglo Italiano couple who wanted something very special to remember their big day.

Having spent nearly a year organizing their wedding across two countries, they asked us to film on the day before the wedding as well, to capture the build up ... last minute suit fittings and Kart racing for the boys and Tea, cakes and shopping for the girls.
Karen & Adrian

A great couple who were very  keen on our documentary making experience.

I guess they knew they would make very entertaining TV! 
Nick & Lizi

A full length 20 minute example of our highlights package.   
Speeches were delivered in full on a separate DVD.
Nick & Philippa

With their reception at the wonderful Stoke Park Club this was always going to be a beautiful wedding.....

Amazingly Philippa no longer holds the "most late Bride" award 
Mike & Rachel

A very nervous Groom and very cool Bride who knew their music, and had very specific ideas about what they wanted. 

Every track on the DVD was chosen by Mike & Rachel and every track meant something special to them.