Tim & Beth

Tim & Beth 

Here's your vid for approval hope you like it .

!!! Bear in mind it may look a little dark on a computer screen, it'll look fine on a TV screen !!!
Also when you first watch it, it may be best to press Play then PAUSE almost immediatley to let the whole film buffer (let the progress bar running across the screen run all the way to the right) before pressing play again.
It may be jumpy otherwise!
This edit contains a cut down version of the speeches, but you'll get the full uncut speeches on a separate DVD.

If your connection is fast enough click on the HD button on the bottom right ...

Feel free to drag the timeline to certain points to view those

Intro 00:00
At the Church 02:48
The Final Countdown 07:33
The Ceremony 09:03
After the Rings 21:50
Ridge Farm 26:50
Speeches 32:22
1st Dance 51:34